Areas of Expertise:
Dawson & Associates is the nation’s leader in offering successful advocacy and technical services on major Federal regulatory issues. Dawson’s core business involves assisting clients with Federal agency decisions and Congressional action involving land use, water resources and environmental permitting. Our services cover the policies and procedures of multiple federal departments including:

  • The Army Corps of Engineers, 
  • The Environmental Protection Agency, 
  • The Department of the Interior, and
  • The Department of Transportation. 

To learn more about our unmatched services on a variety of issues, please click on the links below. As you’ll quickly see, we offer unmatched services on a variety of issues including:

  • Federal environmental permitting
    The policies that agencies set forth to implement federal law are often highly complex, which creates the challenge of ensuring compliance.  We have a strong history of working successfully with Federal officials to ensure mutually beneficial solutions.
  • Non-regulatory federal agency decisions
    We become our clients’ advocates on issues before federal officials, using our extensive knowledge, experience, and established relationships to help craft solutions based on sound science and the law.
  • Congressional authorizations and appropriations
    Budget deficits and conflicting Administration and Congressional priorities create enormous challenges on appropriations issues. But with the insightful, steady, and reliable outreach that is our hallmark, you can be successful.

Land use approval

Our professionals will help navigate the maze of federal, state and local permitting.

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Natural resources permitting

Federal and state regulations are complex. Let us show you how it’s done.

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Energy permitting

America’s changing energy needs create challenges for regulatory approvals – and opportunities for those with the right approach and team.

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Surface transportation permitting

We have some of the nation’s top regulatory experts in road, rail and port.

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Urban river restoration

With officials increasingly focused on sustainability, the need has never been greater for regulatory expertise.

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Superfund remediation

Our team has unmatched knowledge of Superfund and recycling rules.

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Flood risk management

Our experts can help with hazard assessment, floodplain evaluation and rule compliance.

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Federal contracts

We’ll show you how to work with federal & state officials to build your company’s business.

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