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Before joining Dawson, Gen. (Ret) Michael Walsh commanded 3 divisions in the Army Corps of Engineers during 36 years active duty. In 2022, Mike was a guest on the Pipeline Technology Podcast, sponsored by Pipeline & Gas Journal, to discuss federal environmental permits for oil, gas and pipeline companies. He explains why permits can be denied and challenges federal regulators face.

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Dawson attorney Larry Liebesman, a former Justice Department environmental litigator, discussed Waters of the US litigation and the impact on complex permitting at Tulane University's 2022 Law and Policy Summit. Larry’s part begins at about 4:45.

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The late Gen. (ret) Merdith “Bo” Temple, who was Acting Commanding General of the Army Corps of Engineers before joining Dawson, was featured in this 2020 video on climate and flooding published by the NY-based Foreign Policy Association. Bo explained engineering challenges with rising sea levels.

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In 2019, Brig. Gen. (ret) Dave Turner joined the Dawson team, bringing his extensive knowledge of Corps policy. Here’s a video that the University of Central Missouri, Dave’s alma Mater, created in 2014 when it bestowed on Dave its Distinguished Alumnus Award.


Gen. (ret) Bob Flowers, who joined us in 2013 after serving as 50th Commander of the Army Corps of Engineers, explains next steps for Florida and Houston clean-up, permitting and rebuilding after Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. (FOX News, September 12, 2017)


Our colleague Gen. (ret) Don Riley, who commanded Army Corps of Engineers Emergency Response operations from 2004 to 2008, discusses the Corps’ actions after Harvey and Irma. (FOX News, September 7, 2017)


With Houston floodwaters rising, our colleague Gen. (ret) Don Riley explains how the Army Corps of Engineers is trying to relieve pressure on the city’s water system. (FOX News, September 3, 2017)


Our colleague Gen. (ret) Don Riley, who was Deputy Commander of the Army Corps of Engineers from 2008 to 2010, discusses Corps flood control operations in Houston after Hurricane Harvey. (FOX News, August 31, 2017)


The EPA’s 2015 Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) rule produced nationwide litigation that is now before the U.S. Supreme Court. Our colleague Larry Liebesman, an environmental litigator at the U.S. Justice Department for 11 years, explains this litigation’s impact, including its effect on the private sector. (E&E TV, April 5, 2017)


Lt. Gen. (ret) Hank Hatch joined us in 2012 after a career that included serving as Commanding General of the Army Corps of Engineers and President of the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME). In this 2014 video produced by SAME, Hank shares his thoughts on military engineering and the Army Corps of Engineers.


Gen. (ret) Merdith “Bo” Temple, who was Acting Commanding General of the Corps of Engineers before joining us in 2012, delivered this 2014 Parcel-Sverdrup Leadership Lecture to the American Society of Civil Engineers. For a transcript of Bo’s speech, please click here.

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