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Federal Contracting

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Federal contracting offers significant business opportunities and Dawson & Associates’ advisors have more than 1,000 years of collective experience across the Federal government. Our Federal Contracts team brings integrity, technical competence, political experience and value for firms seeking to enter the Federal market or to expand their business.

Using a collaborative approach, Dawson & Associates works with firms to develop a competitive advantage and help guide bid preparations through the capture management and proposal development processes. Our experts also work with clients throughout the proposal management timeframe. This includes consultation in a disciplined capture management and proposal development and review process to ensure compliance. The result positions the firm for success with current and future Federal contracts.

Specialty Areas

  • Bid preparation and analysis 

  • Dispute resolution 

  • Engineering 

  • Federal appropriations and authorization 

  • Leadership and decision making

Case Studies

Congressional Appropriations and Authorization
Endangered Species & Complex Water Permitting
Defense Contractor Marketing
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Federal Acquisition Expertise
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