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Dawson & Associates is the nation’s leader in successful advocacy and technical services involving Federal land, water, endangered species, and other environmental issues. Since 1997, we have helped clients successfully resolve complex issues before Congress and multiple Federal departments. To learn more, please click on the links below.

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A major construction company spent 10 years on its own trying to acquire 300 acres near its existing quarry operations with no success. Then the company turned to Dawson & Associates to facilitate an agreement.  

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A major home builder trying to develop 200 acres near Sarasota faced several federal and state permitting delays due to preservation and wetlands issues. With Dawson & Associates' help, the company overcame these hurdles and received approval months ahead of schedule.

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The Pulte Group needed federal approval for a large development near the Florida Everglades. Pulte asked Dawson & Associates to help secure approval faster than the projected 18 months.

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Pasco County, FL officials spent 14 years unsuccessfully attempting to secure federal environmental approval for an emergency evacuation road through the Serenova Preserve. With limited prospects for approval, Pasco retained Dawson & Associates to navigate the federal approval process. With Dawson's help, Pasco secured full federal approval.

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A major construction company spent 10 years on its own trying to acquire 300 acres near its existing quarry operations with no success. Then the company turned to Dawson & Associates to facilitate an agreement.  


When federal authorities in California shut down a major bypass near Sacramento, the resulting problems overwhelmed local officials. With our help, residents gained federal approval and funding for a new bypass.

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A major international chemical and gas storage company needed federal environmental approval for deep-water dock construction near Galveston. The affected area had significant impact on wetlands and other Waters of the US.

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Several mining companies tried for more than a year without success to secure Federal permits to mine limestone in environmentally sensitive areas near Miami. The companies brought in Dawson & Associates and every company ultimately received a permit. 

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Panattoni Development Company (PDC), with co-developer DR Horton, had purchased 76 acres in California with plans to develop commercial and residential properties.The site included about 5 acres of wetlands that had been degraded by past agricultural and flood control activities. 

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A major energy company required Federal permits for its 400-mile natural gas pipeline which crossed wetlands and endangered species habitats. Using a strategy designed by Dawson & Associates, the company received its necessary Federal approvals 4 months ahead of schedule.


Dawson & Associates helped Lee County (FL) save more than $1.7 million in mitigation costs on a highway construction plan.

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Sacramento and its surrounding areas are at severe flooding risk and the solution required massive technical, legislative and funding changes, SAFCA reached out to Dawson & Associates for its expertise in each of these areas. 

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The U.S.’ largest electric holding company tried for 12 years to secure a federal operating agreement. In less than two years, the Dawson team helped negotiate more efficient solution for the company and federal agencies.

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On behalf of a Midwest nonprofit organization, Dawson & Associates helped expand Federal support for stopping the spread of invasive carp into the Great Lakes.

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A major pipeline project required approval from 12 separate offices within the US Army Corps of Engineers and Fish & Wildlife Service. Through Program and Project Management strategies, the Dawson team convinced these agencies to use an integrated evaluation process that significantly accelerated project approval.

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Cost disagreements between an Indiana development commission and the Army Corps of Engineers led to a work stoppage at a major water project. The commission retained Dawson & Associates, which created a cost-share credit compromise that allowed the project to be completed.

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When drought caused severe problems for shippers on the Mississippi River, a major shipper hired Dawson & Associates to expedite federal action.

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A national disaster recovery corporation approached Dawson for help in securing Federal contracts for disaster recovery operations. With Dawson's help, this corporation secured long-term disaster contracts covering two Corps Divisions.

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Dawson & Associates had a key role negotiating sections of the federal Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan.  For more than a decade since, Florida agricultural interests have engaged Dawson for the firm's knowledge of Everglades regulations.


Our knowledge and strategy helped a client win nearly $1 billion in Defense Department contracts over five years.

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A corporation facing litigation over Passaic River remediation hired Dawson to craft a solution. The joint partnership we designed expedited clean-up while dramatically lowering the client’s legal costs.

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