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The Golden Eagle has landed

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Our colleague Lt. Gen. (ret) Ted Stroup accepting the 2014 Society of Military Engineers’ Golden Eagle Award

Last October, we were delighted to welcome Lt. Gen. Ted Stroup to the Dawson team. A former Army Deputy Chief of Staff and Assistant Director for Civil Works for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Ted brought unrivaled experience to the firm.

Today, we’re even more proud of Ted. The July issue of The Military Engineer includes a wonderful article authored by Ted about the history of military engineering.

Ted recounts this history through the deeds of five famous military engineers. While none of those gentlemen may be household names, their achievements include some of the most important projects in our nation’s history – from the transcontinental railroad to the Panama Canal to wartime air bases during the Second World War.

As Ted notes:

For the past 235 years, the Corps of Engineers’… missions have involved the unique challenges of moving men and ordinance across deserts, through jungles, and over rivers and mountains. Yet time and again, the Corps has proven its mettle….

It’s a wonderful article that was adapted from Ted’s speech at a dinner sponsored by the Society of Military Engineers, which gave Ted its Golden Eagle Award in recognition of his commitment to national defense and service.

You can access his article here.

Congratulations on a great article, Ted! Thank you for being such a valued part of our team.

Robert K. Dawson Founder


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