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Dawson colleague Bob Sinkler cited for Mississippi River advocacy work

Updated: May 20

Our colleague Col. (Ret) Bob Sinkler's 30 year career in the Army Corps of Engineers was marked with success including command of the Corps' Rock Island District and serving as principal strategic advisor to the Commanding General at Corps of Engineers headquarters. Bob joined Dawson & Associates in 2013 and his career since then has been similarly successful. Recently Bob received an "Eddy Award" given by River Action, an Iowa nonprofit that promotes environmental, economic, and cultural vitality on the Mississippi River. The Eddy Award celebrates those who have "gone against the current, as in an eddy, to accomplish outstanding work in the categories of art, design, education, stewardship, river activity, [and] revitalization....” Bob's award is a reflection of his many contributions to improving federal and state water policy since retiring including launch of the regional “Revolutionizing Midwestern Ports Initiative” to designate the Mississippi River between Dubuque and Keokuk as a Port Statistical Area, which opens the region to greater federal funding and private investment.

Bob also had a lead role in preparing the first and second report cards from the America's Watershed Initiative on the Mississippi River’s health. Congratulations, Bob!

Steve Dawson

Chief Counsel


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