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 Dawson is highly experienced with federal legislative and funding issues, especially for projects involving Army Corps of Engineers

The public sector consists of governments and all publicly controlled or publicly funded agencies, enterprises, and other entities that deliver public programs, goods, or services.  Often, their ability to deliver is dependent upon navigating complex federal regulatory or federal funding authorization/appropriation processes.


Dawson & Associates has a long history of assisting agencies with new project authorizations, required annual funding of multi-year projects and timely approval of all required permits, especially for projects that involve Army Corps of Engineers permits that impact Waters of the United States.


Federal project authorization and funding rules are lengthy, complicated and a major challenge to government agencies charged with reviewing projects and securing funding.  Delays become expensive when local matching funds are not used because federal funds are not available and project momentum slows.  Contract costs can quickly escalate if they are not funded efficiently.


Dawson & Associates is highly experienced with federal legislative and funding processes.  Working closely with our clients, we develop efficient project schedules and establish communications processes between our clients and key government agencies.  Dawson & Associates will also ensure that required documents thoroughly address all agency requirements and assist with timely resolution of policy and procedural issues.

Team Approach


Dawson & Associates has a team of more than 70 senior associates, knowledgeable in key areas of federal laws and policies, federal and state processes, real estate and environmental and related matters essential to efficient management of legislation, permits, real estate, contract management and related matters. Our clients are key partners.


When a client hires Dawson & Associates works, our firm will:

  • Create team of experts specific to the client’s project and any related issues

  • Develop a plan tailored to the client’s timelines

  • Assist the client with process guidance, document creation, and review and scheduling of submission requirements

  • Create a communications process to coordinate necessary submissions and resolution of issues important to achieve the desired schedule

  • Develop and maintain relationships with agency officials and others important to current and future project success

Case Studies


Following are several projects that illustrate the range of issues we deal with and the outcomes we help our clients achieve.

Screen Shot 2023-06-24 at 12.44.53 PM.png
Pasco County
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