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Retired Major General Don Riley Joins Dawson & Associates

WASHINGTON – Dawson & Associates, a leading Washington, D.C.-based water resources and environmental restoration firm, this week welcomed retired Army Major General Don T. Riley as Senior Vice President and Director of Business Development.

“Don is a great soldier and public servant who has held numerous leadership positions including troop commands at all levels and top positions within the Army Corps of Engineers,” said Robert K. Dawson, President and Founder of Dawson & Associates. “He will bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and relationships to our clients, present and future.”

Riley brings 37 years of service and experience in the Army Corps of Engineers to the firm, including his most recent service as the Senior U.S. Engineer in Afghanistan, as well as the Corps’ Deputy Commanding General and Deputy Chief of Engineers.

Prior to that, Riley was the Director, Civil Works, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, working as the nation’s primary planner, designer, builder, and operator of flood control, navigation, environmental restoration, and multiple-purpose water resource projects.


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