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Inspired by a wounded warrior

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Peter Arnold at the Mid-Atlantic Tough Mudder

At Dawson & Associates, support for the military runs wide and deep. That certainly includes support for wounded veterans.  Dawson & Associates is honored to be a strong and enthusiastic supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project.

On Saturday, I joined about 8,000 close friends for the Mid-Atlantic Tough Mudder, a 25-obstacle, 10.6 mile run mostly up and down a West Virginia mountain.  The concept comes from the British SAS and obstacles include swimming through ice water, crawling through a mudpit with live electric wires and scaling a pair of 9-foot walls.

But without a doubt, the most humbling part came on an obstacle called “Killa Gorilla” – a 1+ mile run that went up and down a mountainside trail three times.  I happened to be paired with a former U.S. Army Ranger who had a prosthetic leg.  He was about 30 and we went up and down that hill together.  To say he was inspirational would be the ultimate understatement. He was tenacious, never once flinching, even during a pretty steep descent that tested all of us – emphatically including those without prosthetic limbs.

I never got his name but the Tough Mudder event photos page will probably have an image of him.  If he happens to see this blog, the message to him from all of us at Dawson & Associates is short and heartfelt: “Thank you, sir, for your service and sacrifice to our nation.  We wish you Godpseed.”

Peter Arnold

Senior Advisor

Peter Arnold is a former White House Speechwriter and Congressional Press Secretary who has been with Dawson & Associates since 2007.


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