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Good wishes to a fine gentleman

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Ambassador Joseph Westphal and Robert Dawson at this month’s White House swearing-in ceremony.

An old Arabian proverb says, True friendship is neither bought nor sold.

Last week, it was a great honor to attend the swearing-in ceremony for America’s new Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Joseph W. Westphal, a wonderful friend for many years. The ceremony took place in the Old Executive Office Building and it was a privilege to watch Vice President Biden administer the oath to such a fine, capable gentleman.

In contrast to the lengthy debates surrounding many nominees, Mr. Westphal’s nomination received overwhelming bipartisan support. President Obama nominated him on November 6 and less than five months later, on March 26, the U.S. Senate unanimously approved his nomination. This timely approval is certainly a reflection of his character and integrity.

All of us at Dawson & Associates wish Amb. Westphal a long and successful tenure representing America in this important nation. There is no doubt in any of us that the U.S. will be well served through this fine man’s efforts.

Robert K. Dawson Founder


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