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Former U.S. Army Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel & Asst. Director, Civil Works Joins Dawson

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Dawson welcomes Gen. Stroup as its newest Senior Advisor

It is a great honor for Dawson & Associates to announce that Lt. Gen. (Ret) Theodore Stroup, former U.S. Army Deputy Chief of Staff and Assistant Director for Civil Works for the Army Corps of Engineers, has joined our firm as a Senior Advisor.

When he retired from active duty, Ted was the Army’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, G1. As the Army G1, he was responsible for the entire life cycle of personnel for both Army Soldiers and Civilians. His budget/program responsibility encompassed more than 47% of the Army’s total annual budget.

Within the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, he served as the Assistant Director, Civil Works, in Washington, DC and Commander, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers District, Fort Worth, Texas.

After retiring from the Army, Ted spent 16 years (1996–2012) as Vice President for Education for the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) and as Executive Director of the Institute of Land Warfare, the research and policy institute of AUSA.

Ted joins more than 12 former Flag Officers, primarily from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers but also including the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, and the National Oceanographic Administration.

Ted graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point.  He has an MSE in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University and an MBA from American University.

For more information about Ted, please click here.

Maj. Gen. (Ret) Don Riley Senior Vice President

Gen. Riley is a former Deputy Commanding General of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


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