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Former Corps of Engineers Deputy Commander Joins Dawson & Associates

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

(Washington, D.C.) – Maj. Gen. Peter Offringa, former Deputy Chief of Engineers for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, has joined Dawson & Associates as a Senior Advisor, the firm announced today.

Founded in 1997, Dawson & Associates is the nation’s premier government relations and public affairs firm for water and natural resource environmental permitting. The company includes more than 30 former federal and state officials, including former Members of Congress H.L. “Sonny” Callahan, Ralph Regula, Martin Lancaster, and John Myers.

Gen. Offringa is the 7th General Officer from the Corps of Engineers to join Dawson & Associates.

For 32 years, Gen. Offringa served with distinction in the Corps of Engineers, including serving as Deputy Commander and Deputy Chief of Engineers, the second in charge of the Corps’ $12 billion military, civil and environmental engineering programs.

In 2000, Gen Offringa joined the management team charged with closing the Rocky Flats Plant outside Denver. The Energy Department once described this cleanup as “the most significant and challenging environmental cleanup in the history of the United States.” Although projected in 1995 to take 65 years and cost $37 billion, Gen. Offringa and his team achieved closure in 10 years at a cost of $10 billion.


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