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Former Commander of Corps of Engineers New Orleans & Charleston Districts joins Dawson & Associates

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Dawson & Associates is proud to announce that Col. (Ret) Edward Fleming, whose 25 years in the US Army Corps of Engineers included command of the Corps’ New Orleans and Charleston Districts, has joined our firm as a Senior Advisor.

As District Commander/Engineer of the New Orleans District, Ed used his deep knowledge of the Corps’ processes, and direct negotiations with Congress as well as state and local officials, to complete the area’s post-Hurricane Katrina levee system on schedule and on budget. This $14+ billion program included the largest drainage pump station in the world and the nation’s largest surge barrier.

After his successful military career, he became a senior executive for a major, privately held global real estate asset manager. Ed monetized land assets by successfully negotiating nearly $1 billion in land sale deals with homebuilders and industrial/commercial developers, helping to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in capital.

Ed is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. For more about his illustrious career, click here.

Robert K. Dawson

President & Founder


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