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D&A Says Farewell to Dave Barrows, Senior Advisor

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Dave Barrows has been a vital member of our team for nearly two decades now, and before that, he and I worked together in the Pentagon when we were both in public service.

Dave’s integrity, hard work, intelligence, and ability to deal with people at all levels of our government and our economy were put to use with full force and effect on behalf of our clients.

As much as Dave’s loss will be felt personally, I am delighted he is returning to public service showing not only his own respect and affection for public service and public servants but reflecting that of our entire firm.

He has taken all necessary steps to insure a smooth transition on all client matters. We hope he will return to our fold one of these days but, in the meantime, we wish him every success for the public he serves and the great institution to which he returns, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Bob Dawson, President


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