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Col. (ret) Fletcher “Bud” Griffis, RIP

The Dawson team is saddened this week at the news that our friend and colleague Col. (ret) Fletcher “Bud” Griffis has passed away.

A member of the Dawson & Associates team since 2009, Bud was a giant in the engineering industry and brought a broad portfolio of talents, experiences and contributions to the engineering and construction communities. A West Point graduate, Bud’s career in the U.S Army Corps of Engineers enabled him to serve the public as a professional engineer focused on the nation’s infrastructure, both military and water resources.

Bud was an expert in stochastic processes, risk analysis and the application of 3D computer models to construction management. Many of New York’s most challenging construction projects, including the Ground Zero reconstruction and construction management for the Gowanus Expressway reconstruction, have looked to Bud for his expertise.

After 26 years in the Army Corps of Engineers, Bud took his management, engineering and research abilities to our firm. We’ll sorely miss him as a member of our family but his contributions will endure through the careers of his many students and those of us who had the privilege of knowing and learning from him.

Our Dawson colleague Maj. Gen. (ret) Tom Sands [LINK], who served as the Commander for the Corps’ North Atlantic Division, had the pleasure of watching Bud as both North Atlantic Division Deputy and New York District Commander. Bud was “the kind of leader who could walk with kings and not lose the common touch,” he said, adding:

When Bud started teaching his construction management class at Columbia, his intent was to start slow, perhaps one class a week. But no surprise – his class was a sell-out and morphed into a substantial workload. The reputation Bud established within academia and the professional engineering and construction industries was amazing but not unexpected.

Bud was a wonderful human being. When we lived next door to the Bud and his family on Governors Island, we found we could resolve several problems in a social setting that confounded us at work. Apparently, this ability was aided in no small measure by the pristine setting and Bud's favorite Carlo Rossi Chablis.

I remember once when Bud’s wife Nancy wouldn’t let him eat ice cream for dietary reasons, our young daughter took great delight in helping Bud in his hour of need. She’d share her bowls of ice cream with him.

Like so many Corps leaders, I consider myself fortunate to call Bud a friend.

Thanks, Bud, for all that you have added to our lives! R.I.P.

Steve Dawson

Chief Counsel and CFO


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