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A deserved recognition

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Dawson colleague Lt. Gen. (ret) Ted Stroup receives SAME’s Golden Eagle Award.

Kudos to our colleague Lt. Gen. (ret) Ted Stroup, P.E.,F,SAME., recipient of the Society of American Military Engineers’ (SAME) 2014 Golden Eagle Award for his outstanding contributions to national security.

The SAME Academy of Fellows honored Ted at its 19th annual Golden Eagle Award Gala last week. This prestigious award recognizes individuals who have distinguished themselves in outstanding contributions to the engineering profession and for prominent leadership and significant contributions to national security.

In accepting the award, Ted told the attendees, “As military engineers, we have a proud heritage and legacy that we have bequeathed the nation. Equally important, we are still growing that legacy.”

But he also aired a caution about the long-term problems that could result from current federal budget reductions. “Our federal civilian work force in Defense and in water resources is a national treasure, which has repeatedly delivered when the nation needed it,” he said.

In addition to Ted, our Dawson colleague Col. Bud Griffis also received SAME’s Golden Eagle Award.

Ted joined our team last year after serving as the Army’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, G1. As the Army G1, he was responsible for the entire life cycle of personnel for both Army Soldiers and Civilians.

After retiring from the Army, Ted served as Executive Director of the Institute of Land Warfare, the research and policy institute of Association of the United States Army.

Congratulations, Ted. This is indeed a great achievement!

Lt. Gen. (ret) Hank Hatch Senior Advisor

Lieutenant General Henry Hatch served as Chief of Engineers for the United States Army from June 17, 1988 to June 4, 1992. He received SAME’s Golden Eagle Award in 2003.


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