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Dawson’s experts understand the unique needs of nonprofits and excel in crafting solutions to meet their needs

Nonprofit organizations are dedicated to improving the quality of life for others at a community, local, state, national, or even global level. These organizations are not dedicated to private or financial gain but to the advancement of public interest.  In addition, associations of tradesmen, businessmen, or manufacturers in a particular trade or industry work collaboratively for the protection and advancement of their common interests.


Dawson & Associates has a long and mutually beneficial relationship assisting nonprofit organizations and private associations.  We are dedicated to helping them accomplish their stated goals and improve their relationships with federal organizations.  Typical tasks may include assisting with physical projects requiring federal permit approval, evaluation and modification of projects by others and obtaining project authorizations and funding.


Nonprofit organizations and associations often have unique constituencies, governance and reporting requirements that require specific project planning and communications strategies.  These groups also often seek win-win solutions requiring mutual understanding of the goals of all parties.  That creates a need for creative negotiation and solutions to complex problems.  Dawson & Associates experts, having extensive history and experience with federal agencies, are intimately familiar with complicated problems and crafting creative solutions.  


Problem solving through communication 


Typically for nonprofit and industry associations, the first requirement is to establish a communications strategy that facilitates frequent, open communications among all parties involved in the issue.  It is also important to have a detailed understanding of laws and processes that will impact any outcome. Third, it is essential to establish, implement and maintain a process that facilitates a solution. 


Members of Dawson & Associates know these essential elements and had significant first-hand experience with these activities during their former careers while serving in senior level positions in the federal government.  In its advisory role, Dawson & Associates will contribute a high level of personal integrity and respect to its client advocacy.


Our understanding of federal regulatory processes and concern for our clients has resulted in years of representations of nonprofit and industry associations and an overwhelming track record of success on their behalf.


Team approach


When representing industry associations and nonprofit organizations, Dawson & Associates will:

  • Prepare clear definitions of client goals and expected outcomes

  • Develop and manage plans and a schedule to achieve those goals and outcomes

  • Help establish communications processes with involved agencies that facilitate agreement on client goals

  • Provide essential expertise for exploring and negotiating solutions acceptable to all parties


Case studies

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