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Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Dawson’s experts have decades of AEC experience on both government and private sector projects.

The Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry works within a myriad list of rules, codes, processes, contract requirements and internal and external relationships that challenge the most adept companies and organizations.  These challenges are amplified with federal government endeavors and contracts.


These challenges vary among the many federal agencies and can even vary within the same federal agency when working with different offices and organizations within that agency.  The basic guide that all federal agencies must follow is the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).


Dawson & Associates has extensive experience managing these challenges and overcoming the many issues preventing successful project or contract completion.  This includes successfully working with senior leaders, program and contract officials at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Departments of the Air Force and Navy, and other agencies.  Dawson & Associates has succeeded in making contracts successful where success was considered unlikely and helps clients understand complex challenges and requirements; and actions that can be taken to reduce or eliminate these challenges and potential delays.


The Dawson team includes former senior federal officials, including engineers, contract managers, contracting officers and attorneys, who collectively have hundreds of years of experience with AEC projects and contracts. They are experienced with the multitude of internal and external strategic relations necessary for success including laws, regulations and processes that govern federal contracts and how agencies purchase AEC services.


Team approach

Dawson & Associates works with clients who have AEC needs to prepare tailored proposals that help them achieve the desired result.  Specifically, Dawson & Associates will:

  • Identify each client’s unique needs and possible barriers to project or contract success

  • Assist with legal and regulatory requirements including required documentation

  • Establish a communication plan to help keep the project or contract management activities focused and synchronized

  • Work with clients to manage internal and external strategic relations necessary to successfully navigate the federal contracting process

  • Respond to federal agency requests to maintain momentum for successful contract completion

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