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Dawson has extensive experience helping mining companies obtain federal permits and approvals

The mining industry provides metals, limestone, phosphate, potash, gravel and other important construction and industrial inputs to consumers around the world.  Our experience has been that mining companies inherently recognize the need to be careful stewards of natural resources by diligently complying with federal law that governs what is inherently an environmentally invasive activity.  Federal agencies require an increasing number of complex analyses of technical issues involving mining extraction and environmental protection.


Dawson & Associates has decades of experience and success helping mining companies meet their environmental responsibilities while achieving federal permits, authorizations and approvals that allow them to operate in a planned and sustainable basis.


Our Team Approach


At Dawson & Associates, we work closely with our clients to prepare approaches tailored to fit to their individual situations. Our track record reflects the effectiveness we have achieved in working with federal regulatory agencies to build a collaborative process. This includes identifying early in the permitting process what tasks must be conducted and creating a timeline for us and our client to undertake these tasks.


Dawson & Associates’ long experience in finding ways to achieve “win-win” results for mining companies demonstrates how this can be done effectively and efficiently.


Case Studies


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